HinduRashtra.Org strongly supports and encourages any action against Karunanidhi following his recent anti-Hindu statements made against Lord Sri Rama and the holy Ram Setu site.

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"If devotion to one's country amounts to a sin, I admit I have committed that sin. If it is meritorious, I humbly claim the merit thereof. I fully and confidently believe that if there be any other court of justice beyond the one founded by the mortals, my act will not be taken as unjust. If after the death there be no such place to reach or to go, there is nothing to be said. I have resorted to the action I did purely for the benefit of the humanity. I do say that my shots were fired at the person (Mohandas Ghandhi) whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to lakhs of Hindus." - Shri Nathuram Godse


Hinduism is on the attack from three main groups and each is as dangerous as the other. Firstly, the Christians have an upper hand on us with the economies under their control, secondly the petro-dollars in the hands of the Muslims and thirdly, from within us, the Hindus who either falsely or for some ulterior motives believe that Hinduism can survive the onslaught in modern times as it has in the past. In times when the Christians have openly taken on the task of harvesting us to Christianity, the Muslims with their Jihad and the pseudo secularists, who will stop at nothing, the gravity of the situation will have to be realized now or the very survival of Hinduism is at risk. Join us free, together we can make the difference and fight as one.

Goals & Purposes:


1. From the beginning of the creation Bharatvarsha known by the name of Aryavarta and Hindusthan has been the birthplace of Hindu race and its ancestors. In the ancient history of the world, the glory of this world famous, Indivisible, sovereign Aryavarta spread over from Himalayas to the seas is clearly mentioned. It is an undisputed and self-evident Arya Rashtra or Hindu Rashtra duly supported geographically.

2. After its freedom from the unfortunate slavery (by the Islamic Mogul Empire) of one thousand years Hindu nation as a result of its continuous struggle and unmatchable sacrifices should have got political, religious and cultural freedom in its motherland, Bharat. After the unfortunate partition of Bharatbhoomi, the remaining portion of divided Bharat inevitably and self-evidently remains and continues to be secular Bharat Bhoomi. It is indeed extremely unfortunate that due to the shortsighted and foreign-oriented thought and perception of the country, this most ancient, glorious and cultural civilisation finds itself powerless, helpless and orphaned in its own country.

3. The political parties prompted by the spirit of pseudo secularism and not the real secularism, which the term conveys, by resorting to the policy of appeasement of anti-national elements(muslims) have rendered the mainstream Hindu Samaj deplorably orphaned and their motherland Bharatvarsha like a wretched Dharamshala.

4. presents this Hindu agenda before the political parties to salvage Bharat and Hindu Nation unfortunately surrounded by inimical forces and innumerable difficulties to ensure just human rights to the vast community of 80 crores in their homeland. It is the duty of every political party in the country to promise to safeguard the interests of the national mainstream, i.e., Hindu Samaj (Sanaatan, Boudha, Jain, Sikh Panths, etc.)

5. Hindutva and nationalism in Bharat are synonymous. Hindu Samaj is indisputably the main current of Bharat. Hindu interest is the national interest. Therefore, the honour and the interests of Hindus will be protected in every manner.

6. Every nation has a constitutional denomination. Only "Bharat" which has the ancient, glorious and historical connotations will have constitutional recognition.

7. The patriotic Hindus all over the world aspire to construct a magnificent temple at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi in Ayodhya in accordance with the model approved by the revered saints. The Janma Bhumi Complex will be immediately handed over by enacting a suitable legislation to Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Nyas which is in forefront of Sri Rama Janma Bhumi awakening and is recognised as such by Hindus all over the world.

8. The Holy campuses of Sri Krishna Janmasthan at Mathura, and Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Gyanvapi at Varanasi which were desecrated and remodelled by the barbaric Mogul empire will be immediately handed over to the Hindu Samaj by enacting a suitable legislation.

9. Slaughter of Cow and its progeny shall be completely banned throughout the country by enacting an effective legislation and made a rigorously punishable offence.

10. Gau-Seva Ministries will be formed in the centre and the states to protect environment, natural ecology and agro-economy, for establishment of self-reliant village-oriented economy, to foster and develop the national species of cow and its progeny, for production of natural and organic manure and to enhance the production of milk, butter, ghee and yogurt, etc., and to utilize the tremendous ox-power in national interest.

11. The anti-national activity of religious conversion of Hindus by force, fraud or false propaganda by exploiting the innocence the poverty of backward communities will be strictly banned.

12. All foreign remittances to non-governmental agencies, social, religious or service organizations or individuals will be stopped, so that the money and material so received is not mis-utilized for religious conversion and other divisive conspiracies.

13. A uniform civil code will be promulgated throughout the country to check inequality, imbalance, injustice, and atrocities on women and to stop the malpractice of polygamy.

14. Abortion and female infanticide, which promote immorality and female persecution, will be banned. More stringent penal provisions will be made against rape and kidnapping of women. Firm steps will be taken to check the scourge of dowry system.

15. Article 370 of the Constitution, which smacks of a separate balkanized identity of Kashmir from the rest of the country, will be scrapped. The restriction on sale and purchase of property in Kashmir by Bharatiya citizens will be abolished.

16. The Kashmiri Hindu migrants will be honourably rehabilitated. Their snatched properties will be restored and the deprived Hindu families will be compensated. Adequate arrangements for their security will also be made.

17. Secessionist demands and propaganda in Kashmir or anywhere else in the country, or indulging in violent activity will be ruthlessly repressed. Secessionist demand will be a strict penal anti-national offence.

18. Terrorism results in untold sufferings to the people of the country. Therefore, the very source, whether internal or external, will be uprooted by determined action of the Government.

19. The special rights and privileges granted to the minorities(Muslims) will be made available to all sections of the society to end inequality.

20. Universally recognized, well-developed and scientific language Sanskrit will be made a compulsory subject of study throughout the country.

21. Mother tongue will invariably be the medium of primary education.

22. Teaching of Bharatiya culture and Dharma will be made compulsory.

23. The status of second official language accorded by certain states to Urdu in foreign script will be withdrawn.

24. The distorted presentation of modern, social and cultural history of Bharat will be re-written by honest, patriotic and learned historians and archaeologists. The teaching syllabus shall be accordingly reformed.

25. Singing of "Vande Maataram" everyday will be compulsory in all educational institutions.

26. Pooja, Archana and religious construction activities of math, mandirs and ashrams will be deemed a charitable activity and will be entitled for exemption from the income tax.

27. A specified portion of Government revenue shall be earmarked for the various Dharmic, charitable objects of the taxpayers.

28. Efforts will be made at Government level to spread and develop Ayurveda and other indigenous medical systems.

29. Government interference and control on pilgrim centres, muths, mandirs and ashrams will be removed and they will be made autonomous for proper management.

30. Pilgrimages shall be made tax-free. Ministries shall be established at the centre and in the states to restore the glory of pilgrim centres and to develop them as also to facilitate and encourage pilgrimage.

31. Drinking and non-vegetarianism will be discouraged by the Government. All meat export from the country will be banned. All big mechanical abattoirs will be closed.

32. Vigorous efforts will be made for immediate expulsion of all those who have infiltrated into Bharat after 1st January, 1970. Country's borders will be issued to the residents of bordering areas.

33. Pervasive arrangements will be made for the cleanliness, piety and glory of religious centres and rivers.

34. Terrorist and anti-national activities will be ruthlessly crushed by appropriate legal provisions.

35. Any denigration of, or disrespect to, any faith including Hindu culture, belief or tradition, or any venerated character, by audio-visual, written or spoken means will be a penal offence and strictly enforced.

36. National economic policy will be based on Swadeshi and self- reliance.

37. It shall be the moral duty or the Government to protect the religious and cultural rights of non-resident Bharatiyas living in neighboring and far off countries and to develop their Dharmic, cultural and social relations.

38. Non-resident Bharatiyas will be treated as Bharatiya citizens.

39. The old and glorious historical names of towns, roads and places will be restored.

40. Prominent Hindu festivals will be declared national holidays.

41. The rights and privileges accorded to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes will be withdrawn on their conversion.

42. In view of the unimpeachable historical, literary and archaeological evidence, the places of Worship (Special Provision) Act, 1991 shall be suitably modified/repealed.

43. Minority Commission and similar partisan institutions will be abolished.

44. Recruitment in armed, paramilitary and police forces on communal lines will not be permitted.