HinduRashtra.Org strongly supports and encourages any action against Karunanidhi following his recent anti-Hindu statements made against Lord Sri Rama and the holy Ram Setu site.

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Hindu Rashtra Concept

Definition of "Hindu"

"A Hindu means a person who regards this land of BHARATVARHSA, from the Indus to the Seas as his Father-Land as well as his Holy-Land that is the cradle land of his religion. From this definition it is very clear that the Vedics, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, Lingayats, Aryas etc and all tribals are called as Hindus. Because all these people have only one Holyland - Hindusthan, only one fatherland - Hindusthan. Their panthas may differ. But their nationality is one that is nothing but, the Hindu Nationality. So called Indian Muslims & Christians cannot be called as Hindu because their Holyland is not the Hindusthan but Arabsthan and Rome are their Holylands.Muslims and Christians cannot be called as nationals unless they abandon their faith in antinational religions like Islam and Christainity and also unless they embrace again their original religion from which they were forcibly converted to their present status. Japanese and Chinese are also cannot be treated as Hindus because their fatherlands are Japan & China respectively.

The Hindus are a Nation by themselves

Pseudo secularists always raise one question and challenge us - "How the Hindus who differ so much amongst themselves in every detail of life could at all be called a nation as such ? To them our reply is that no people on the earth are so homogenous as to present perfect uniformity in language, culture, race & religion. A people is marked out a nation by themselves not so much by the absence of any heterogeneous differences amongst themselves as by the fact of their differing from other peoples more markedly than they differ amongst themselves. Take Great Britain as an example. There are at any rate three different languages there, They have fought amongst themselves dreadfully in the past, there are to be found the traces of different seeds & bloods and races. If you say that inspite of it all they are a nation because they possess a common country, a common languages, a common culture and common Holyland then the Hindus too possess a common country so well marked out as Hindusthan, a common language the Sanskrit. By 'Anuloma' and 'Pratiloma' marriages their seed and blood continued to get commingled even since the days of Manu. Their social festivals and cultural forms are not less common than those we find in England. They possess a common Holyland. The Vedic Rishis are their common pride. Their heroes Shriram and Shrikrishna, Shivaji and Pratap, Guru Govind and Banda are a source of common inspiration. Their prophets Buddha & Mahaveer, are held in common esteem. Remember ! Their ancient and modern history is common. They have friends and enemies in common. They have faced common dangers and won victories in common. One in national glory and one in national disasters, one in national hope and one in national despairs and Hindus are welded together during aeons of a common life and a common habitat. If the United States with the Warring Crowds of Negroes, Germans and Anglo-saxons with a common past not exceeding four or five centuries put together can be called a nation - then the Hindus must be entitled to be recognised as a nation par excellence. Verily the Hindus as a people differ most markedly from any other people in the world than they differ amongst themselves. The oneness of the Hindus was proved in a negative way at the time of partition of India on theocratic basis. One who received a muslim dagger was invariably a Hindu. The Muslims while attacking Kafirs made no distinction between a touchable and nontouchable,a Brahmin and a nonbrahmin,a Kshtriya or a Vaishya.When Hindus came together in the graveyard after death,they are certainly a nation while alive. And whatsoever differences divide the Hindus amongst themselves are rapidly disappearing owing to their awakening of national consciousness and the Sanghatan & Social reforms. So say with pride "Hindus we are & love to remain so!"