HinduRashtra.Org strongly supports and encourages any action against Karunanidhi following his recent anti-Hindu statements made against Lord Sri Rama and the holy Ram Setu site.

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- To bring all humanity to Hindu Dharma, the only path to salvation. The creation of a Vishwa Hindu Rashtra (World Hindu Nation).
- To defend Hindu Dharma, Bharat (India), and its people from outside forces and foreign and local anti-Hindu religious groups.
- To unite the Hindu community in the western world and help defend them and our temples.

Social Policy

- The complete eradication of caste system, and replacement with Hindutva ideology and equality. Current reservation for backward castes relative to proportion in terms of demographics.
- Recruit membership from all over the world.
- Strongly encourage and endorse conversion or re-conversion of Muslims and Christians (particularly 1st or 2nd generation ones) back to their original Indic religions or sects.

Education Policy

- Hindutva Brotherhood believes in the free primary and secondary education to the poor and illiterate of Hindustan. Establishment of a process whereby social mobility becomes more present through right to education.

Government Policy

- Establishment of a single party militarized government based on the divine laws of Hindu Dharma, and Hindutva ideology. Law Policy:
i) Removal of Article 370.
ii) Uniform civil code.
iii) Government assistance to the construction of the Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Grants for the re-construction of Kashi and Mathura Mandir in Uttar Pradesh and temples all over Bharat where mosques now exist in its place.
iv) Removal of the Islamic Waqf boards from administrative power in the state legislative levels.
v) Removal of appeasement policies to alien residents with external loyalties.