HinduRashtra.Org strongly supports and encourages any action against Karunanidhi following his recent anti-Hindu statements made against Lord Sri Rama and the holy Ram Setu site.

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Who Is A Hindu?

A true Hindu is one who has tasted the sweetness of freedom of choice and is wiling to choose death before giving up his freedom. Freedom of choice to follow a path is the basic human right and no one shall tell him/her otherwise. Any Hindu who converts to Islam or Christianity is giving up his rights and virtually giving himself and his future generations to slavery.

A Hindu is one that believes in one God who incarnates, as and when He feels fit, in the shape and form He wants. God creates, sustains and destroys when time comes. Many names and forms are given to each with the love and affection of each individual devotee. He has, can and will send us as many prophets ( Only prophet ?), saints and sons (only son?) and is fully capable of doing so. Our Dharma is eternal, so is God and all the souls. It is our conviction that body dies but not the soul. The old scriptures are a guide to salvation and an individual can steadily make his way back to God in the speed and path selected. Karma (deeds) and results of Karma are the basis of our lives. Knowing that good karma will bring good results and vice versa, our lives can be guided towards fruition of Salvation termed as Moksha. Guru plays a very important part in molding our lives and whilst the Holy book Gita can be accepted as Guru so can the word of Guru Nanak. A Hindu may or may not agree to some of the points above but he will willingly give his fellow human the right to practice religion as and how the other sees fit.

Protect Hinduism and Hindu Causes

Hindus have been demeaned willfully by the Muslims and Christians for a period of over thousand years. United we can bring an end to it. We have been through a time when being a Hindu was considered a lowly thing, not only from the Muslims and Christians but also amongst ourselves. That mentality has to be gotten rid of as of today. By making a protest, personally, by letters and via Email together we can flood any individual, organizations and governments with mails to listen to our causes, concerns, needs and views.

Motivate Hindu Pride

This basically links with the preceding paragraph. A Hindu can pride himself in way more than one can imagine. Some highlights are, our contribution in all fields for Human development from the very zero itself to the understanding of the creation. Numerous data is available to prove this beyond a speck of doubt.

Protest in unity against Anti-Hindu propaganda

Using the might of sword of simple protest and non-violent methods, Mahatma Gandhi was able to give us the independence from the British Government, which was the very epitome of power at the time. Times have changed, he had no United Nations to go to and did not have the internet to form a power beyond apprehension. Today we can sit on our computers and send messages at the click of a finger and if the messages are powerful enough and in substantial numbers the achievements thus derived will keep our causes on the front burner.

Counter conversions

Conversions come in ways unknown to us. Christian Missionary's work with the intention to convert. The base of aid in the way of medicines, schools, universities and development are not for the betterment of the population at large. The base of it all, the purpose is conversion to Christianity.

The problem between India and Pakistan is not Kashmir, it is Islam and the teachings of Koran, whereby the world has to be conquered by all means to be converted to the path to Allah. If the case of all the surrounding countries for India is not a clear example, than we can term it suicidal spiritual blindness. Only one example will suffice; Indonesia is today 87% Muslims. Examples of the Philippines, Burma, and others are not any different. With the Islam comes the teaching of Arabic and a total cultural revolution follows without question. That would include hatred for all that the population stood for before conversion. If India today is not going to wake up. the country will be totally annihilated into little parts. Parts of India are already clamoring for separation having either Muslim or Christian majority. If for any reason, one thinks America will not support the fight for separation in another state, think twice. Examples of Kosova, Bosnia, Timor, Chechnya and still to come another piece of Indonesia is about to fall to the same.

Both Christians and Muslims will never stop to think that if and when a period comes when half the world is Islam and the rest Christian, then...what ? They will be like the film Omen whereby, it is brother against brother, on either shores etc..

Promote Hinduism around the globe

By being aware of what is going on in the world today from Hindu point of view, we shall keep ourselves aware and ready to act in cases of necessity. This will be the duty of all of us to be in touch at this website, getting news from us, we shall get a lot of information from you all around the world. This will be a joint task. Webmaster cannot do it by himself nor does he expect to. With a click from our end millions of us will be aware of a situation anywhere in the world and act as seen fit.

Educate our children on basic Hindu beliefs

By reading the basics of Hinduism at this site one can instill this very essential knowledge to our children who are sometimes totally ignorant to the hidden agenda of our hard core enemies. If nothing else make our children aware and give them the foundation that our parents gave us and no one dare try convert us. The knowledge of Shlokas, epics and the rest can be up to individuals and recommended.

Support fellow Hindu organizations and individuals

Too often have we heard that Hindus do not support Hindus and on the contrary hinder the progress of his fellow Hindu This is the remnants of the slave mentality left over from the 1000 year history of being oppressed by Muslims and Christians. Let us wake up and stand by our brothers and sisters.

Promote good-will and peace

In the new Millennium the name Hindu will be spoken with respect not only due to the solid foundation that this website will bring about but we shall be respected for our contribution to world in all fields of development. Hindus are today making progress that all of us are not aware of, the message board and chats at this site will be a powerful tool to broadcast news instantly as it happens with little effort. An instilled pride will make us better world citizens and very well respected.